The GYFG Mission Statement:

To Humanize Finance, Build Wealth, and Reach Financial Freedom.

Most people don’t want to live below their means in order to reach FINANCIAL FREEDOM because that’s painful. They think it involves cutting out all the joy in life. You know what I’m talking about, those financial gurus that tell you that in order to get rich you need to cut out the $4 lattes and stop eating out. Then after 40 years of diligent and above average savings and super low spending, you will be a millionaire. Basically, you have to live like a college student and suppress all the things you want to do in life and then, when you’re old, you will be rich (MAYBE). Okay, that doesn’t sound like the plan for me either!!!

The good news is there is another way. This site is here to show you the OTHER path to financial freedom. There is a way where you can have your cake and eat it too. I believe and hope that over time I will be able to convince you of the following: In order to reach financial freedom you can choose to live below your means by cutting expenses to the bone and living in a state of scarcity or you can expand your means and live in a state of abundance by increasing your income and enjoying the $5 latte or any other indulgence of your choice. – Gen Y Finance Guy

Not only that, but, if you’re diligent, you can reach financial freedom a lot sooner than anyone has ever led you to believe. You will have to be intentional with your finances if you ever want a fighting chance to make it to financial freedom. It doesn’t have to take 40-50 years of slaving away (for the man) before you have the option to retire. I personally think that 15-20 years is really all you need (the most time it will take), and for the folks that are more aggressive (i.e. extremely frugal, not us) or very high earners you can probably reach financial independence in 10 years or less (maybe us, it’s yet to be seen but income is our focus vs. expenses).

Still with me?Financial Freedom

Let me take you through a guided tour of this website’s content.

My aim with this blog is to TEACH,INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and LEAD you to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I promise to always write from personal experienceand with FULL TRANSPARENCY. I share all of my financial details (with real numbers). You won’t find a lot of blogs that do this, at least not to the degree that I share.

I know I don’t have to publish my juicy details every month, but it’s important to me that you know that I put my money where my mouth is (because not that many finance blogs or people giving financial advice do this). I publish all of my financial details not to brag, but instead to show you what is working as well as what’s not working. You get all my successes and all of my failures. Let me be your financial guinea pig.

Sometimes finance can get pretty dense, but I think real life examples and real numbers can help slice through the complexities (and BS). This level of transparency is necessary to provide you the right context.

As always, you can find all my previous reports on the Financial Stats page (as well as annual trends and a few other financial metrics not found on the monthly reports).

There is a famous Jim Rohn quote that I think everyone should keep in mind:

If you don’t plan your future, somebody else will. And you know what they have planned for you?

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