My Net Worth Tracking Spreadsheet
The Top 3 Financial Tools to Build Your Net Worth

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Why should you listen to me?

Now that is a beautiful question. Maybe you should listen to me and maybe you shouldn’t. It depends on what your financial goals are. And honestly I am not giving out advice, all I do on this blog is share my own experience. My hope is that through my real life examples that I will inspire and motivate you to create abundance in your own life. Whatever that may mean. But if you want to see that what I have been doing is working take a look at the financial summary below as of February 28th, 2017. Notice that in less than 5 years I have been able to grow my family’s net worth from $42,424 to $532,590 (a gain of 1,155%).

February 2017 Financial Stats

Looking for a Way to Help me Out?

I don’t sell anything on my site, but there is a way you can help me out. It will help you at the same time. And it won’t cost you a dime. Consider opening a FREE account with Personal Capital. Wealth building is a numbers game and you have to keep score. Do you want to be a millionaire? Of course you do! I personally want to be a millionaire several times over. And guess what I am doing that you should be doing?


Yes, you need to track all of your financial accounts. You need to track your income. You need to track your spending. You need to track your assets. You need to track your liabilities. You need to track your investments. Track, Track, Track! It sounds laborious I know. But it’s the only way.

I do have good news for you though. Tracking has gotten a lot easier with advancements in technology. And the best tool that I found to automate my tracking is Personal Capital (it’s FREE). Below is a screenshot from my personal account, where I have aggregated over 20 different financial accounts (screenshot taken 8/31/16).

Personal Capital Screenshot August 2016

Personal Capital allows you to aggregate your entire financial life in one account. All you need to do to see all your accounts in one place is log in once through Personal Capital and voila! But it doesn’t stop there. They even automatically classify all your income and expenses for you. Isn’t that freaking AWESOME?

So, can I ask you a Favor?

In full disclosure this is going to benefit both of us (I get a little commission if you open aFREE account with Personal Capital using my links in this post). I am all about the win/win. What’s in it for YOU? You get a FREE, fully AUTOMATED tracking system, and you get to help your favorite personal finance blogger out 🙂 I would never recommend anything that would not benefit you. As you know, I don’t charge for anything on my site, but I want to continue to make improvements and investments to make it better for YOU (the reader). Making this type of ask is hard, but it’s a little easier knowing that you need to be tracking anyways, and this will make your life easier (and watching your Net Worth grow is FUN).

Need more information? You can check out my review of Personal Capital.

-Gen Y Finance Guy

Personal Capital Review

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